10 Benefits of joining this studio

1. Piano Lessons Tailored to Each Student. Music lessons are individualized to your goals and needs. Linda is dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals, learning style and pace.

2. Highly Qualified Teacher. Click here to learn about Linda's experience and education.

3. Graded Curriculum. The theory, technic, ear training and sight reading curriculum has been carefully designed to help you or your student progress in a logical, step by step fashion, breaking down challenges into easier steps.

4. Recital Performances

Three Recitals are held each year to showcase student achievements. Recitals are held at local venues in the South Davis County area. Students also have opportunities to perform in duets or multi-piano ensembles.

5. Adjudicated Festivals and Level Achievement

Studio assignments and evaluations are held in theory, technic, sight reading, and performing, to mark progress and achievement. The UFMC (Federation) theory curriculum has been designed to help students learn in a logical step-by-step manner.

The online EarMaster ear training program can be accessed at any time from home, and helps students identify note and chord relationships, rhythm patterns, and more. Students participate in the UFMC (Federation) festivals, where they can earn trophies.

6. Motivational contests, drawings, awards.

Both regular and random in-studio motivational tools that keep the students engaged and incentivized to keep working. In May, we hold a Technic Tournament, and students compete for prizes.

7. Organized Calendaring and Planning

Term calendars are clearly published each term, via Google Docs and email. Students and parents are notified regularly of upcoming events.

8. Parental Involvement Encouraged

Parents are welcome at private lessons and encouraged to take part in the learning process. Support at home helps students get the most out of their music studies.

9. Various Lesson Times

Lesson times are available Tuesdays thru Fridays, before and after school, as early as 7 am until 6 pm.

10. Month to Month lessons.

Students pay month to month, instead of by the semester or term. We take the trouble out of remembering to write that monthly check, by allowing you the ease of automatic payments.​

About Linda...

"Helping my students enjoy their music at the piano is my passion!" ~Linda Clement

Linda Clement, NCTM, at ​​​​Bountiful Music Academy has more than 25 years of experience in teaching music, and she is committed to helping you reach your personal goals. She holds a bachelor's degree in Piano Pedagogy from Weber State University, and studied under Dr. Yu-Jane Yang in pedagogy and Dr. Ralph Van der Beek in performance.

Linda is a Nationally Certified 25-year+ member of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), and Utah Music Teachers Association (UMTA), and an active member of Utah Federation of Music Clubs (UFMC).

When you join this music studio, your music education will build logically and there will be consistent growth. Private Lessons are with the same, Experienced Teacher every week! You will study with Linda Clement from start to finish.

A Parent's Thank You: "Our home is always filled with music. From pop songs, sonatinas & movie scores..., someone is always playing something wonderful! We often marvel at how much the children's skills have improved over the years & ...they have brought calm & peace to our home. I'm grateful every day for the years of instruction Linda has given our children. They can sight read anything... they play beautifully, and they love it!" ~Amy Hamblin

Bring bring beautiful music to your home...

Skilled, motivating, experienced.

Linda has spent many years honing the craft of teaching piano to young & old alike. She enjoys finding each student's strengths and helping them find joy in playing the music they love. She is encouraging, patient, and motivates with positive words and achievable goals and awards.


Linda will give you the foundation for any musical dream you have, whether to play classical, pop, or foundations in jazz. She pays attention to finding music that you or your child wants to play, and incorporates theory and technic. She can teach you to play by ear, read music on sight, learn how to read lead sheets, and play with sensitivity and contrast.


Linda will provide avenues for performing in the studio, in group lessons and recitals, and in adjudicated events, such as "Federation" (Utah Federation of Music Clubs.) Students can earn trophies in performance and theory, studio awards in technic, and random awards for reaching their own practice goals.

​​What can you expect from your piano lessons?

  • Private Lessons with the same Experienced Teacher every week

  • Monthly Group Lessons to Engage peer learning (ages 6-18)

  • Regular Theory practice, on paper & at the piano

  • Weekly technic assignments to create limber fingers

  • Daily Sight Reading: reading & playing correctly, step by step.

  • Frequent Ensemble playing

  • Yearly Assessments for youth

  • Three Recitals per Year - optional for adults

  • Rewards for kids, random & regular awards & trophies!

Four 45-50 min. Lessons per month are $48 each. 30 min. Lessons recommended for ages 6-8 are $30 each.

What Clients are saying...

Student Letter of Thanks

Dear Mrs. Clement,

Thank you so much for being my piano teacher for so many years. You have taught me so much! My favorite thing to learn was scales. I love memorizing the sharps and flats required for all the different scales. I love playing sonatinas and songs with cool dynamics. One of my favorite things you taught is to NEVER give up on a piece, even when it seems too hard to play. Although some lessons have been [better] than others, I am so glad you never took it easy on me and you always helped me reach my full "piano potential." Now I am practicing some pop songs and Disney songs as well as hymns to play for seminary this fall. Everything you've taught me helps me play more and more. Thank you! ~Ayla Hamblin, Bountiful

Darlene Thomas from Bountiful says...

"Linda produces concert quality players, clear communication and reward system. We've been with her studio for about 4 years and both our boys have excelled under her instruction. Linda genuinely cares about each student's success.​​​​​"​

Excellent Communication with Parents

"Linda has been an outstanding teacher to my son. She personalizes the lessons to fit his level and needs. She teaches in a constructive way. She emphasizes skills in theory and technique which strengthen performance. Her studio is well structured and she is excellent at communicating with parents.​"​​ ~Catherine Van Dam, Bountiful

Clear reward system

"I appreciate Ms. Clement’s strong music education; her focus on teaching sight reading, theory, and technique; and the time she takes to accommodate my son's learning style. She is very kind and patient, yet direct on what she expects from him. She has been easy to work and communicate with, manages the time well and has a very clear reward system that inspires my young pianist." ~Emily Thiriot, Bountiful

Student experiences the joy of playing

"My daughter has attended for four years and we have been very happy with our experience. Her piano teacher is professional and very educated. I also admire Mrs. Clement's passion in the playing of the piano. She takes it to another level of not just "playing" but truly experiencing the feeling of each and every piece. Because of this my daughter feels joy when she plays the piano. I appreciate the fact that theory and technique are focused on. This has greatly helped my daughter improve in her skills and I am sure she will be able to continue to grow. Sight reading is also emphasized as well as group practices that allow the students to interact with each other. Sometimes they learn through piano theory games or they perform for each other. This helps them become stronger in their ability to perform when they have their recitals. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a qualified piano teacher that can share in the joy of learning as your child discovers the piano.​​​​​​​​“ ~Jody Neeley, Bountiful

Fortunate to find Linda Clement
"Our teacher is personable, organized and keeps the parents [informed.] She takes the time to teach basic theory, helps set goals for the student and uses the lesson time to fine tune and improve pieces the student thinks he/she knows already. There are regular opportunities to perform in front of other students. We feel very fortunate in finding Linda Clement. She MORE than fulfills our wishes for our granddaughter and has a wonderful relationship with our granddaughter who adores her and listens to her. Mrs. Clements is very gentle but expects a lot from her students. She listens to the student and guides her to be better. She teaches theory as well as proper technic in playing pieces. We are very happy with her and would recommend her highly.​​​“
~Ruth Radmall, Bountiful
Organized! I recommend Linda to my Friends

"She is very organized. She keeps me informed of events, lessons, and the progress of my children. She works hard to understand my children individually and their goals in playing the piano. I have recommended Linda to many friends.”​​​ ~Tracy Larsen, Bountiful

Kind and Patient with High Expectations

“Linda is the best! She is very kind and patient, and yet still maintains a high expectation for her students. If you are looking for a piano experience that will really amount to something, choose Linda.”​​ ~Beth Barber, Kaysville

Motivates Her Students
“She is a wonderful piano teacher. She does a great job motivating her students. My son has learned so much from her in a very short time period. I would highly recommend Linda.”​​ ~Dr. Sarah Naisbitt, Bountiful


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